From Skepticism to Strategy: Earning the Seat with Data

Procurement has a clear value promise: unlocking the power of procurement data to uncover insights that drive business growth. This guide provides tools to win hearts and minds, address objections, and ultimately boost procurement's strategic contribution to the organization!

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Turn challenges into opportunities

To revolutionize your procurement strategy, you'll need to overcome these roadblocks:

  1. The Stakeholder challenge: how do you get people excited and engaged in the procurement agenda?

  2. The data analytics challenge: how do you draw insights from procurement data? What are the right analytics solutions for you?




Want to impress your CPO and colleagues with your procurement expertise?

Start by learning how to sell the procurement data value promise with these tools:

  • The "Elevator Pitch" for procurement data

  • When you need to start selling the procurement data value - checklist 

  • The "Data Resistance Toolkit" - what to say to naysayers.

Alex Heta Authors

Meet the Authors

Alexander Duray, VP of Value Enablement, Sievo

Heta Ruikka, VP of Product Management, Sievo


Learn how to sell the data value promise today