Procurement Loves Data

This eBook promises a new outlook and fresh perspectives on how IT and procurement, connected by their love of data, can contribute more value to the organization—together. You'll gain practical advice on data-driven leadership based on the authors' decades of experience in procurement analytics. 🚀


What's inside?

  • How to manage and integrate procurement data

  • How to cater procurement professionals while aligning with IT infrastructure and wider data strategy

  • Why data myopia and “perfect data” are fallacies

  • The total cost of ownership of analytics solutions

  • How to make sure users love and adopt new solutions

  • Considerations of creating a procurement data ecosystem

  • Why data belongs to everyone, and how modern leaders can adopt data-friendly management practices

  • The drivers of a collaborative IT-procurement relationship


Six full chapters

  • Why procurement loves data

  • Why data management for procurement is hard

  • Build or Buy for spend analytics

  • Leveraging procurement data ecosystems

  • Democratization of data

  • Procurement and IT working together


Meet the authors

Sammeli Sammalkorpi is the CEO of Sievo and one of the two original co-founders. Heta Ruikka is the Vice President of Product Management. Olli Saksa is the CFO of Sievo. 

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