Get the executive view on AI in procurement.

In this book, you are not going to read about futuristic robots. Instead, you will see real-time examples of how AI is transforming procurement, today and tomorrow. Cut through the hype and get an executive view of the real opportunity artificial intelligence gives to procurement.

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Who is this book for?

This book is meant for you – the open-minded professional who is interested in AI and procurement, and the exciting things that can happen when you combine the two. If you are...

  • A procurement professional who wants to champion and implement AI into your company’s operations

  • A student studying logistics or supply chain management who wants to learn about how the field is transforming

  • Someone just curious about anything that can potentially help your business thrive...

Then AI in Procurement is for you!


Learn from the experts.

Don’t worry. The authors don’t expect you to have prior knowledge about AI and will not get too technical about algorithms or how to code them. This book provides a broad view of the subject and answers burning questions such as:

What is AI, and what are its applications in procurement?
How do I get started on my AI journey?
What are AI’s key strengths?
Will AI steal my procurement job?
What are the risks associated with AI in procurement?
Why can’t the world’s smartest machines can’t tell the difference between an apple and an owl?


AI in Procurement book about the authors

About the authors

Sammeli Sammalkorpi and Johan-Peter (JP) Teppala have over 30 years of combined experience in procurement leadership. They set about writing this book out of frustration that there is too much hype surrounding the topic of artificial intelligence in procurement.

At Sievo, Sammeli and JP are some of the pioneers of implementing AI in procurement analytics and regularly share their thoughts in procurement communities and events. 

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