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Reduce scope 3 emissions

This podcast is all about carbon emissions and the leaders that reduce them.

In ImpactNow, we discuss with global sustainability leaders about how they tackle the biggest challenge of our lifetime.

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Who are we?

We are Heta Pirttijärvi and Ilona Kivimäki. We won’t be asking why,  but how, diving deeper into the best practices of decarbonization.

We work closely with sustainability leaders in our roles. We realize there's a lot of talk about sustainability but a long way to go for actual Co2 reductions. A lot of help is still needed.

We believe in

We believe sustainable emission reduction requires impactful leaders and fresh, high-quality data. Thus, smart carbon analytics are key to reaching net zero goals!

So if you’re a sustainability leader, aspiring to be one, or are interested in understanding sustainable growth deeper, tune in!

Episode 1

Anne Larilahti ImpactNow Podcast


Episode 2

Salla Ahonen ImpactNow Podcast


Episode 3

Tracy Nilsson ImpactNow Podcast


Episode 4

Eveliina Huurre ImpactNow Podcast


Episode 5

Risto Siilasmaa ImpactNow Podcast


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