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Spend Matters SolutionMap™ Q1 2019


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What is the Spend Matters SolutionMap?

The most extensive independent analysis of procurement software solution providers.

Sievo as the Value Leader

Sievo’s position as the Value Leader at the Spend and Procurement Analytics market has been solidified in the latest benchmarks.

The folks at Spend Matters meticulously review what independent experts and customers think about different software providers. The end result is an easy-to-understand benchmark where we've ended up on top.

Spend Matters SolutionMap™ Q1 2019

In this 11-page report, you will see what it takes to be a value leader in spend and procurement analytics in 2019. Discover the most extensive independent analysis of the spend analysis and procurement analytics software solution providers. 

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About Spend Matters 

Spend Matters is the leading solution intelligence source for procurement and supply chain professionals. Combining deep technology analysis and tailored advisory services with daily news coverage and subscription research, Spend Matters is trusted by CPOs, consultants, investors and solution providers alike as their procurement technology intelligence partner.

About Sievo

Sievo is a global leader in procurement analytics software and solutions. Our AI-powered spend analysis software combines the best elements of human and machine learning to deliver more reliable spend visibility, faster. 

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