Delivery Hero & Sievo: Implementing 1000+ streamlined savings projects within 1.5 years 

by using Savings Program Management


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How it all started

Founded in 2011, Delivery Hero is the world’s leading local delivery platform. The company has increasingly expanded beyond food delivery, and become the market leader in the emerging category of quick commerce, which delivers small batch orders in under an hour.

Being present in 70 countries across four continents, Delivery Hero has established a large global ecosystem of riders, restaurants, shops, and partners. The company owns 16 subsidiaries across the globe, including global-leading brands: Foodora, Talabat, Foodpanda and HungerStation. 

Delivery Hero with Sievo Case Study was published in the issue 28 of CPOstrategy Magazine - an industry-leading digital magazine featuring exclusive insights from procurement and supply chain professionals. 

Conflicting information sievo


Real-time, relevant insights

Procurement decisions, especially in turbulent and uncertain times, need to be based on facts derived from reliable and digestible data.  

For larger organisations, this includes pooling information from a number of ERP systems that deal with varying metrics such as currencies, units of measurement, and countless other data points that are relevant to different business divisions or subunits in different geographies.  

Modern procurement functions seek to harness real-time, relevant insights and analytics that enable decision makers to act with agility and flexibility to achieve competitive advantages. Reliable data is the starting point for beginning a productive stakeholder dialogue. 

balancing the scales


Streamlining savings projects for Delivery Hero

A core responsibility of procurement is to uncover and execute cost-saving opportunities.  For Delivery Hero, one motive behind its procurement transformation is to drive continuous improvement by unlocking savings.  

Delivery Hero partnered up with Sievo in 2020 due to Sievo's capabilities to execute significant savings projects. They needed a unified platform where all savings initiatives could be logged, tracked, and validated by all relevant stakeholders.  

Before Sievo, the company's growing number of savings projects were being executed across different document types, folders, e-mails, and SharePoints, making the management of many simultaneous activities a challenge.

Sievo's Savings Program Management (SPM) has been the ideal solution to streamline Delivery Hero's savings projects.


Savings Program Management

SPM has provided a transparent and structured way for collecting all savings ideas across the global procurement organisation, managing initiatives from concept to completion and tracking performance in real-life.  

Sievo’s SPM is a workflow solution that ensures all initiatives are implemented with jointly agreed principles and follow the steps of a collaborative approval process. This is enabled by easily accessible, digestible, and customisable presentations of data - empowering Delivery Hero's procurement team to gain validated savings opportunities efficiently.  

Building the case


Uncovering future savings potential

Within 1.5 years, Delivery Hero has already realised a great benefit in terms of savings reported versus the cost of the Sievo solution. This benefit has been unlocked by 1,000-plus projects being implemented by more than 50 active users across Delivery Hero, with 400 active projects ongoing and monitored via Sievo at the same time.

Delivery Hero's procurement team finds Sievo’s SPM solution easy to use and it offers thorough visibility which motivates constant monitoring of savings targets, helping procurement professionals uncover further potential saving opportunities. 


Download this case study to share with your colleagues. 


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