Citrix created a data-driven Supplier Diversity Program to focus on Procurement Spend Diversity

by using Sievo Spend Analytics + Diversity

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How it all started

Citrix builds the secure, unified digital workspace technology that helps organizations unlock human potential and deliver a consistent workspace experience wherever work needs to get done. With Citrix, users get a seamless work experience and IT has a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments.

Through its Supplier Diversity (SD) program, the company aims to create awareness through social inclusion of businesses owned by under-represented groups and/or people in its supply chain. A diverse supplier base helps Citrix better understand its customers’ needs. This increases creativity and promotes innovation, helping Citrix to provide long-term value to its customers.

Citrix in short

  • Digital workspace solution provider established in 1989
  • 60 offices in 40 countries
  • More than 400,000 customers worldwide
  • Sievo Solutions in use by Citrix:
    Spend Analytics, Payment Terms, Diversity

It's as easy as..


Citrix had difficulties in identifying their diverse suppliers

2 Solutions

Sievo’s Spend Analytics, and Diversity tools give Citrix visibility on its diverse spend & diverse suppliers

3 Results

With Sievo’s user-friendly dashboards, Citrix has a holistic view of its SD program, the ability to track diversity status, and greater supply chain knowledge to support its diverse suppliers

Diversity _ silhouettes of people


While Citrix knew how and what it wanted for its supply chain, it did not know who in its supplier base fit in the overall Supplier Diversity program. The Supplier Diversity team was using outdated tools that limited its progress of reporting and created difficulties identifying diverse suppliers.

Sievo Diversity dashboard demo example


To solve its challenges, Citrix partnered with Sievo in 2020. Sievo’s Spend Analysis and Supplier Diversity solutions were the key steppingstones to build a holistic view of Citrix’s SD program. Spend Analysis allows Citrix to visualize up-to-date global spend data by key product categories and top suppliers, while Supplier Diversity dashboards enrich Citrix’s spend data with third party data like ConnXus or

These dashboards give visibility on a supplier’s diversity status, allowing Citrix to identify which suppliers are diverse and who they are owned by, for example a Minority Owned Business Enterprise or a Disability Owned Business Enterprise. Notably, Citrix can identify how many diverse suppliers are in its supply chain and how much of its total spend is diverse. The combination of Sievo’s Spend Analysis and Sievo’s Supplier Diversity module gives Citrix performance visibility on its SD program by different categories, business units, regions and more.

Image on right: example of Sievo Diversity dashboard


Insightful dashboards

Sievo’s ability to enrich Citrix’s spend data with third party diversity data gives Citrix an up-to-date view of its diversity suppliers and
spend without manual work. The accessibility and ease of Sievo’s tool navigation gives Citrix a wholistic picture of its supplier base.
Providing Citrix visibility into its current supplier base’s diversity status facilitates realistic goal setting for development initiatives.

Diversity status

The holistic view of the SD program gives Citrix the ability to track the supplier diversity attrition of its diverse spend. To track the current and historic diversity status of its suppliers, Citrix uses Sievo’s Supplier Diversity reporting for its weekly Supplier Diversity Spotlight meetings and its monthly Supplier Diversity Briefing with stakeholders.

Knowledge = Strength

A diverse supplier base promotes innovation within a company, but it does not stop there. SD also increases the supply chain knowledge of an organization, which is especially beneficial in troubling times. Thanks to its SD program, Citrix could focus its efforts to support diverse suppliers with the challenges they have faced during the pandemic to reduce the impact the pandemic has had on Citrix’s supply chain.

Citrix case study with sievo

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