Relive SievoFriends Americas 2020

Performance Tracking Culture at Mars

Sam de Frates, Global VP, Commercial Performance, Capabilities & Services at Mars goes through how a performance tracking culture has been developed at Mars.

From Process to Data-Driven Procurement

Exceptional times bring opportunities. Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO & co-founder at Sievo, shows us procurement's future with a Netflix trailer!

Succeed Together with Sievo

What's new with how Sievo serves our customers? Viivi Campbell & Abraham Morales, Key Account Managers at Sievo go through the past and future development of Sievo customers' journey. 

Sievo Product Update

Heta Ruikka, VP, Product Management & Kaius Huoponen, Product Owner, Spend Analysis give an update on product progress since the last Sievo Friends Americas in 2019.

Sievo &

Neeraj Shah, CEO at, illustrates how to use data to accelerate your supplier diversity program and how sourcing teams can easily track supplier metrics within their Sievo environments.

Supplier Diversity with Citrix

Citrix is a company that puts into practice diversity and inclusion through very solid commitments. Aaron Plush, Senior Manager and SVO at Citrix presents how companies can take supplier diversity to a new level.

WernerCo’s Procurement Transformation

Darren McGrath, Vice President Global Procurement at WernerCo, introduces you to the role of digitalization in WernerCo’s procurement transformation journey.

Buyer-Supplier Relationships to the Next Level

Tobias Schoenherr, Hoagland-Metzler Endowed Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management at Michigan State University explains how to manage relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

Business Update

How is Sievo growing throughout the years? Johan-Peter Teppala, CEO at Sievo Inc. gives an update of Sievo's business and growth journey. 

The ABC’s of Building Your Personal Brand

Join Dana Small, top procurement influencer, in learning the basic ABC’s of building your personal brand in procurement, and best practices in getting started.