The annual gathering for procurement transformation trailblazers

Insights Day Sessions

Sievo Product Keynote

Product Managers Heta Ruikka & Tuomo Vierros give an update on product progress since the last Sievo Friends in 2019.

From Process to Data-Driven Procurement

Exceptional times bring opportunities. Sammeli Sammalkorpi, CEO & co-founder at Sievo, shows us procurement's future with a Netflix trailer!

Digital Procurement Ecosystems

Duncan Jones, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, sheds some light on the future of procurement ecosystems, business application strategies in general and how to apply them to procurement. 

Sievo & Hero Story

Désiré Mouanga-Biayenda, Director Procurement at Hero Group, explains how Sievo and Hero have built a relationship that allows their procurement team to be more strategic in its decisions & move towards a more sustainable path. 

Sievo & ISS Story

Emmanuel Buyse, Vice President, Head of Supply Chain & Procurement at ISS Group, shares how ISS have managed the COVID-19 crisis so far and what comes next.

Sievo & Schindler Story

Giacinto Bruno, Head of Global Process & Systems at Schindler Group, goes through how Schindler has transformed its Supplier Quality Management with Sievo.

Sievo & Deutsche Telekom Story

Karim Ouali, VP Procurement Steering & Digitalization at Deutsche Telekom, takes us through a digitalization journey at Deutsche Telekom & show us how it has been transforming into a data-driven organization. 

Emotional Intelligence during Turbulent Times

Camilla Tuominen, emotion trainer & TEDx speaker, talks about how to best lead our teams' emotions during difficult times. 

Succeed Together

What is new in how Sievo serves our customers? Johan-Peter Teppala, CEO of Sievo Americas, goes through the past and future development of Sievo customers' journey. 

Sievo Business Update

How is Sievo growing throughout the years? Matti Sillanpää, Co-Founder at Sievo gives an update Sievo's business and growth journey. 

User-centric Agile Co-development

Ville Tukiainen, Head of Service Design at Sievo, talks about what are we doing to understand and meet all our users' demands in this rapidly changing world.

Action Day Sessions 

Sievo Diversity & Responsibility Demo

Sustainability is the future. Sievo has launched a new Diversity and Responsibility dashboard, check out the demo here.

Best-of-Breed vs. Full-Suite

What are the differences between the best-of-breed and a full-suit in Procurement? A session with Boliden and Scanmarket.

Procurement Information Hub

Where does all that 3rd party data come from? Check out all the partner track sessions and meet their senior leadership.

Sievo Focused Training

Join our Customer Development team for a deep dive on Sievo in the Focused Training track sessions. 

Sievo Demos

Curious about other Sievo modules? Make sure you check the demo track sessions hosted by our pre-sales team.

Procurement in Uncertain Times

Sievo customers and expert discuss how to deal with and anticipate supply chain disruptions.